1. Various doctors and physiotherapists have additional training
     in the Netherlands.
2. Two operating rooms have been built and fully equipped.
3. The rehabilitation center has been built and furnished.
4. A guest house (Maastricht House) has been built and equipped for
    Dutch emergency surgeons and nursing staff.  Photo
5. The interior of the hospital has been modernized and the infrastructure
    around the hospital has improved.  Photo
6. An X-ray room has been built and furnished.
7. Two staff houses have been built.
8. The whole complex is walled.
9. An incinerator for medical waste has been taken into use.
10. The outpatient clinic has been renovated.
11. The orthopedic infirmary has been renovated.
12. The Hospice for accompanying mothers was ready.  Photo
13. A new emergency power supply was installed.
14. Construction and equipment of the mortuary were completed.
15. A Swimming Pool has been built at the Rehabilitation Center.
16. An X-ray and a Fetal Instrument have been built.
17. A Relatives Cooking Place has been built.
18. Each year a small contribution for (the pension
of) the staff of the hospital is donated.


Ad 2. Two operating rooms have been built and fully equipped.
September 2002 was a historic date for us. On
that day the Orthopedic Operations Center of the Hospital St.John was opened under great interest of  management and media. In this
 center 1500 operations per year
can be carried out.
This year we have already got a score of 1000.

Ad 3. The building of the rehabilitation centre was officially started at the same site simultaneously. In this centre together with physio and occupational therapy the after care of the patients who have been helped in the operation centre, takes place.
It also accommodates an orthopeadic workshop. You should think of of all kinds of protheses and accessories which have to support the physical functioning of the patient.
This Rehabilitation sector was opened in 2004.

Ad 11. Renovation orthopedic ward
In 2005 and 2006 the orthopedic ward was expanded greatly. The new water and sewage system were improved and the sanitary conditions benefited from it greatly.

Ad 12. Hospice for “companian” mothers.
Especially for the children from the more distant areas it is desirable that the patients’ mothers can stay in the hospital. So far these mothers have been able to stay with their children for a very short time. But because of hygienic reasons these mothers should stay in a separate hospice.

Ad 13. Emergency power installation.
The electricity supply is not always stand-by.  There is a drop out several times a week.The previous emergency generator had to be switched on by a mechanic which required an intolerably long electricity break during operations.
At the end of 2007 a new larger emergency power generator with an automatic switch was put into operation.

Ad 14. Mortuary.
It was  officially opened in April 2009 and it looks marvelous. All the rooms are already furnished.
he Ghanaian government has financed part of it, because it is the government’s opinion that a mortuary is part and parcel of a hospital where students can gain practise in a dissecting room. 

Ad 15. The physiotherapy building has been expanded with a Hydro-
pool for the benefit of the water therapy of the patients.

Ad 17. The mothers of the children who have been hospitalized used to cook meals for their children outdoors. This was because of hygienic circumstances. It was not an ideal situation to say the least of it.