Completed projects


  1. Various orthopedists, physiotherapists and orthopaedic instrument specialist have received additional training in the Netherlands.
  2. An operation centre with two fully equipped operating theatres has been completed.
  3. The rehabilitation center has been built and furnished, in which a technical instrument factory and hydropool have been also completed.
  4. A guest house (Maastricht House) has been built.
  5. Two staff houses have been built.
  6. A residence for accompanying mothers has been built.
  7. The construction, renovation and furnishing of an infirmary for orthopaedic patients has also been realised for both adults and children.
  8. A large new generator has been delivered and installed.
  9. The outpatient clinics have been renovated.
  10. Various medical equipment and instruments have been supplied, such as surgical lamps, X-ray equipment and a special surgical drill.
  11. Contribution to a new administration building have been made.
  12. Beds for adults and children have been funded.