0. Need for medical equipment, medical
instruments, relief supplies.
1. Orthopedic courses.
2. Training facility.
3. Building for medical administration.
4. Swimming pool arrangement.
5. Compressed air installation.


Ad 1 Orthopaedic courses
The current orthopaedist at the St. John Hospital has
received his training in Maastricht, but there is an urgent
need to perform orthopedic training in Ghana itself.
The Dutch orthopedist, Dr Paul Rompa, is the only one who
annually goes to Ghana for
a few weeks to operate. It is the intention
to go to Ghana to start a specialist orthopedic training with the help of the university in Kumasi,
The university and the academic hospital of Maastricht
will provide the indispensable support.

Ad 2 Training Facility
In order to meet the under 1 mentioned training facilities a building  with hotel-and educating  facilities for medical teachers and assistants in training is necessary besides the present “Maastricht House”.
Costs accrued:  € 200,000