In the late 1980’s our previous chairman was confronted with the needs of a small hospital situated in Duayaw Nkwanta in Ghana, West Africa. Together with some friends, he started supporting activities to meet these needs. In 1990 the foundation ‘St. John Hospital Ghana’ was established.

The foundation targeted at improving the health care – and by doing so: the quality of health – of the sick people in part of mid-west Ghana, (being the Tano District of the Brong Ahafo Region). Sustainable development aid was  the ultimate goal so that in the end the Ghanaians will be  able to help themselves. The paramount driving force for the members of the foundation is respect for life. This involves the fundamental right for a dignified existence of every being on the globe, as well as the recognition that health is the vital principal bliss.

The direct target group is the inhabitants of the district surrounding the township of Duayaw Nkwanta. Roughly 150,000 people are directly dependent on the health care services of the St.John of God Hospital. With an annual budget of hardly 350,000 Euros the hospital provides healthcare to the residents in this district.

In 1998 the medical staff of the St. John of God Hospital decided to develop an additional orthopaedic skill center as an extra specialized and highly needed healthcare service. Of course the board of the foundation followed  that strategic vision and decided to support it as much as possible. The number of disabled people in Ghana with serious deformities due to polio, congenital and malnutrition causes, amounts to about 250,000: being mostly children below the age of 15. The access to orthopaedic healthcare is very limited. Up to now there is no possibility for medical specialization within the education system in Ghana. Just imagine , for nearly  20 million people there are only 5 orthopedic specialists. Two of them are Ghanaians! ( Compare The Netherlands with 16 million inhabitants having roughly 350 orthopedics)

Some details of the organization of the St. John of God Hospital:

Number of beds :     150
Manpower :              150
Admissions :             3500   per year
Childbirth rate :       650  ,,     ,,
Surgery cases :        1500  ,,     ,,
Outpatient cases :   20,000 ,, ,,